SuiteCRM 8: Dynamic Dropdown: "Parent" drop-down field is text?

I’ve never used them before, so I don’t know if it’s supposed to behave this way, but in SuiteCRM 8.0.0, when I attempt to create a Dynamic Dropdown, the “Child” dropdown field appears as a select/dropdown field, as I would expect, but the “Parent” dropdown field is a text field.

Hello @RMN

That is how it’s supposed to appear. This forum post gives a good explaination on setting up an example DynamicDropdown that explains these fields in studio.

But, essentially, The Drop Down List value allows you to select the dropdown that will filter dynamically. This needs to be a list you’ve created.
The Parent Dropdown is not the list itself, but the field that will be the anchor to your dynamic field you are creating, which utilises the list selected in Drop Down List.

So the Parent DropDown should be the name of the FIELD, not the name of a list.

Hope this helps.