SuiteCRM 8 Development Guide?

Hello Everyone,

When we get the Developer Guide & Directory Structure for SuiteCRM 8 ?


I would also like to know if the published Development Guide is for SuiteCRM V7.x or V8.x ?

I’ve been coding “C” and SQL on Linux for many years. I plan to make some changes to exiting forms and to develop a couple of custom modules. What is the best strategy for achieving these goals so that when future official SuiteCRM upgrades are rolled out our customisations are not lost or over written ?

Any developer getting started recommendations would be welcomed.


For now there are two separate guides:

The classic 7.x:

The new 8.x:

The new one is still very incomplete.

On the other hand, much of what is in the old one still applies to the new versions, namely everything except front-end.


Has any progress been made on updating the development documentation for V8.x ?

I’ve been coding for half my working life and I would happily contribute to the project if the development documentation was more complete so I could get up to speed quickly.



Now I understand why the development documentation for V8 is not being updated.

And if you ask a development question on the community forum you are unlikely to get a response.

Developers can now buy official training if you can afford it ! Check out the prices.

I wont hold my breath waiting for the development documentation to be updated on the website anytime soon.

Its a shame another good open source project is being commercialised in this way.


Hi Andrew

No open source project is perfect - they all depend on the helpful contribution of many people. And it’s not uncommon for documentation to be open to criticism!

It’s great to have people like you in the forum with extensive software skills.

With your experience you may be able to assist the community? I wonder if in the past you have ever pickedup a project with zero or out-of-date documentation and know any approaches to build documentation ‘from the code’ up?

I know documentation and tools and automatic-document creation tools is a big area: but maybe you could share what you have done in the past - whether extensive, or just used simple approaches?

PS - would you describe yourself as an advanced or medium PHP developer, or at some other level? It looks like you’ve been in the forum for a year or so: so perhaps already gained a solid understanding of some smaller sub-systems in SuiteCRM?