SuiteCRM 8 Deployment with GitHub Actions CI/CD

Hi team,
Am I the only one who has attempted deploying SuiteCRM 8 using CI/CD via GitHub Actions? I would like some assistance in properly configuring the deployment.yml file to ensure the successful execution of tests. If anyone has successfully set up this configuration, could you share your expertise and possibly provide concrete examples of the deployment.yml file you used? Your insights would be greatly appreciated!"

You could search it on this forum.

Also, what’s your SuiteCRM, PHP, OS, Database and web server versions? :thinking:

I’ve indeed searched the forum, but couldn’t find a solution. If anyone has insights or advice regarding SuiteCRM 8 deployment with GitHub Actions CI/CD, I would greatly appreciate any additional help. Also, my environment details are:

  • SuiteCRM version: 8.5
  • PHP version: 8.1
  • Operating System: I’m utilizing a Docker image for my operating system (debian)
  • Database: mysql 10.11
  • Web Server: apache 2.4
    Thanks in advance for your assistance!