SuiteCRM 8 CSS Custom Template Not Working

I’m attempting to create a new style in version 8 that matches the customizations we made in our 7.12.x install.

I copied and created a new theme as per the 7.xx documentation as the directory and folder structure is the same. I have the theme showing and is selectable in version 8. I’ve made my previous changes to the color-palette.scss file and then used pscss on the style.scss file to create a compressed style.css and then cleared the cache. Even turned on developer mode and cleared the Cloudflare cache.

It’s not working, with the site referencing styles.77da3e898457fbaaee33.css in the /public/dist/ folder which has a much older timestamp.

What am I missing here?

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Were you able to find any solution for this issue ?

No, not yet. Maybe v8.1 will work but I’m still looking for upgrade instructions.