SuiteCRM 8 - Calculated field with value of a sub-panel field

Hello, I am trying to implement certain management rules in SuiteCRM 8. I have created a “Jobs” module in which I have a “start_date_c” field. This “Jobs” module is a sub-panel of “Contacts”. I would like my “entered_date_c” field of my “Contacts” form to take the value of the MIN(start_date_c) of the “Jobs” linked to the Contact. How to do please?

You can’t do that if Jobs is a subpanel. That means there can be multiple jobs per contact. Which job would the date get pulled from?

If there are not multiple jobs per contact, then you should setup a ONE TO MANY relationship between contacts and jobs, that way you can easily pull the date value from the related job.

Or if you want the most recent one, you could keep it like it is and do like an on save hook or workflow in jobs when it has an appropriate trigger to update the date value on the related contact.