SuiteCRM 8 - BWC Roadmap

Hi. Good job. on SuiteCRM 8, it looks very interesting.
we are currently looking at it from the perspective of architectural changes to adjust our own processes.

Looking at SuiteCRM 8 code changes it seems that it is a midstep on a road to something even more removed from its roots in regards to the architecture. Putting a whole (more or less) SuiteCRM 7.x in the folder named ‘legacy’ it seems like all of it will be changed and work differently in the end. Is this a good hunch? Will for instance creating logichooks, beans, modules, defining their vardefs and metadata work differently than now in the future?
If so , do you have some kind of architectural roadmap that you could share with developers on what are you going for in that aspect and what is the proposed timeline?

And the second question: where can I find the way to best upgrade SuiteCRM 7.x to 8.x, because we could not find it. If it is not yet possible, when do you think it will be?

Thanks for the reply in advance