SuiteCRM 8 Alpha Preview I

We are approaching the final stretch of our SuiteCRM 8 development and want to invite our community members to join us in shaping the SuiteCRM 8 project before our 2020 production release.

Our team have been hard at work on the different components which will constitute the SuiteCRM 8 release. We plan now to provide live demonstrations of SuiteCRM 8 features in our Alpha Preview series to gather feedback from our customers and community. Each Alpha Preview will focus on a particular area of the CRM. More specifically:

  • Alpha Preview I – SuiteCRM 8 Base and Legacy Handler

  • Alpha Preview II –SuiteCRM 8 List View

  • Alpha Preview II – SuiteCRM 8 Record View

After these previews, our plan is to release Beta versions of SuiteCRM 8 which users can download from our website and install in their own environment. As these are Alpha Previews, they will not be feature complete and will not be fully ‘polished’. They will however give you an idea of what to expect and a platform to provide feedback so that the solution can be refined before providing a production release later this year.

Our vision is to continue to update these preview sites as new features become ready. This will enable us to collaborate more closely with our customers, community and partners as well as provide more communication on the roadmap going forward.

We are committed to open source and have held steadfast to our values of being a fully open source project: not freemium, or open core.

You can read the announcement here.


Great News @Dale would there be updated documentation too when a RC is released. Do you tend to provide how to’s for the upgrade?

Is there a GraphiQL viewer for the SuiteCRM instance? How do we access the GraphQL API? :slight_smile:

I’ve added these Questions to be answered in the SuiteCRM 8 Q&A Thread.

“It is definitely snappier” would be my biggest observation. I like the cleaner look although I might like some side menu for additional info.

Would infinite scrolling be possible in some form? Probably for version 9 Alpha but still.