SuiteCRM 8.6 Adjust number of columns in List View

Hey guys,

I am upgrading slowly from v7 to v8. I installed the latest 8.6 and created new modules in Studio with my preferred columns. We have a lot of them (like 20 or so). All columns are edited in studio layouts to be visible but for some reason when I visit the module I can only see 8 columns and the rest is hidden in 3 dots in the left part of entry. And to add to that - I can’t edit anything by double clicking (or using a pen - there is no pen visible when I hover over any entry).

Can you please tell me how to proceed here? I really need all the columns to be visible - dont care if there is a horizontal slider - thats fine for our needs.

Please let me know if you know. Thank you!

OK so I found out its hardcoded… I can’t really help but feel like v8 is a step back :frowning: Anyway - how about editing the value in list view? Why can’t I do that? There is no “pen” or any button that would allow me to edit anything. I have to go to detail view which slows us down considerably.

So far it feels like v8 is slowing us down and it also lacks in features…


In the demo instance, I could see they have pencil icon for inline edit.

Which version are you using?

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Wait! you’re correct! We don’t have inline edit option for list view. :dizzy_face:

For v7.x, we have documentation too.
In-line Editing

Yes I am on v 8.6 and nothing works as expected here :frowning: Inline edit is enabled in all my fields but it doesnt work…