SuiteCRM 8.5 Login not valid issue when i do make copy of the customised CRM

Hello everyone,

I have downloaded the SuiteCRM 8.5 fresh version, i did many changes related to field / module / Layout and logics.

I want to make a duplicate copy with the changes, i created the zip file of the folder with db and made a new folder of the CRM but its shows me the login credentials are invalid.

Is it possible to make a duplicate copy with custom changes of the CRM?
please guide.

You could try to make a clone of your machine.

Thank for the reply, i did the same but not working.
Anyone have an idea how to make the copy.

Are you sure your new system is handling logins properly?

Try with a new user created directly there, instead of trying the users you imported when cloning.

It’s possible that you have other problems, like the session directory not being writeable, or permissions problems.