Suitecrm 8.5 implicit frontend integration

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Does anyone have information about when implicit frontend will be compatible (or directly if it will be or not) with suitecrm 8.5.

From what I’m seeing it doesn’t seem to be compatible with the new API.

thanks in advance

I don’t know that addon you’re talking about, but note that the old API’s are still in place, in v8. They have not been removed.

Implicit Frontend: SuiteCRM Enterprise-Class Outlook Integration | SuiteCRM Module

Supported Versions
7.0.0 to 8.4.2

I sent an email to implicit frontend to ask about 8.5 version support.

I keep this pst updated with their answer.



If you apply this fix your crm the implicit front end will work

I helped a client of mine get this plugin working after applying this fix

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PR created 3 weeks ago. Not added to the app, yet…