SuiteCRM 8.5 & Google Charts issue after upgrade


This may come under the install and upgrade help as well but is something that is likely to occur on any upgrade to v8.5. We are using php 8.1 and a MySql database on a hosted Unix platform.

We upgraded our test system (an identical install to our production) to v8.5 from v8.2.4. All seemed successful, and the app reloaded and runs as normal after the .bin/console commands had completed. No display or other issues. The only entry in the Upgrade log was

-0500 [UpgradeWizard] - config.php file at () could not be found. Skip merging.
This may have some bearing on what follows, but we can’t see anything obvious.

We changed the permissions back on a few files which had been changed, including entry point php files and their associated execution php files, but other than that it was fine.

However, we use Google Charts to display sales forecasts, opportunities and the like in a separate tab on the main dashboard.

Since the upgrade, these would not display, so we deleted the tab and re-created it using the identical entry points, using the add dashlet, WEB option, using the same URL’s as previously.

We ran a quick repair and also cleared the php cache to ensure that the entry points were registered etc… just in case.

However we get the screen below, which would indicate an incorrect web URL construct but the addresses entered are correct and looking at the Config.php, I can’t see what may be causing this.

As we are keen to move up to the 8.5 release, we would like to solve this ASAP if anyone has any clues. I will keep looking as we also have a copy of the old version, which we can compare.

Many thanks in anticipation.

Seems to be security code blocking URL to prevent XSS.
This patch looks like it works:

Let us know if this solves your issue!

Thanks Chris, much appreciated. I should have checked our internal change log. I did this when we set up the Google Charts content and am even mentioned on the Paul Stevens solution. I will re-do it as it clearly hasn’t found its way into the releasse code as yet.

I have also got some other issues, a bit more fundamental, which I found when testing yesterday.

I get an ‘Error occured while retrieving record’ error at the top of every main module page , so when viewing an Account, Contact, Opportunity etc… Not seen this one before so going to check the log now and see what is causing that. It doesn’t seem to stop anything working, but clearly shouldn’t be there.

Also when logging in for the first time I get ’ You are not authorized to view this page, redirecting to the home page’ error, however it still displays and works !! Also a linked error, I assume, that the system seems to hang and require a refresh when logging out. then comes back to the dashboard and lets you log out fine.

Probably all connected.

So not a great Upgrade so far but I think probably minor errors that just need fixing.

Any clues helpful.

Thanks again.


Just to let you know, I re-implemented the fix as per your reply and the Google Charts Web dashlets now install and run perfectly. I have marked your reply as the solution.

I am going to open a new topic on my other issues as I just can’t find out what is wrong. This may be outside of my technical capability, having checked all of the obvious stuff such as permissions etc.

Thanks for your help.

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