SuiteCrm 8.4 - French translation breaks delete custom fields in Studio

Just to say I have found some issue linked to the french translation.
As I dont know where and who advise, I post this here.
In native english, when you create a custom field in Studio, you can then delete it if needed.
If you use the french translation (very last one downloaded from Crowdin), the button is then broken and you cant delete the field.

If this can help…

If you have a screenshot and the exact text of the translated string, it helps to find the source of the problem.

I’ve seen translations breaking screens in French before. It’s because French uses a lot of apostrophes and sometimes people don’t escape them correctly in the translated strings.

Hi, the button “Delete” for the field is rendered like this :

<input type="button" class="button" name="fdeletebtn" value="Supprimer" 
onclick="if(confirm(&quot;La suppression de ce champ personnalisé va supprimer à 
la fois le champ personnalisé et toutes les données relatives au champ personnalisé 
dans la base de données. Le champ n" apparaîtra="" plus="" dans="" aucune="" mise="" en="" page.="" \n\nvoulez-vous="" continuer?"))

You can see the button is completely broken with the string.

I can’t access the French translation strings in Crowdin without applying to become a part of the french translating team…

You can search your installation with grep (or some “find-in-files” software) and look for that string, something like this (from the root of your install)

grep -irn 'La suppression de ce champ' .

(that’s a space and a full stop at the end)

When you find the file it should be easy to fix the escaping of the apostrophe at "le champ n'apparaîtra" and everything should work.

You might need to repair language strings from Admin /repair. And a QR&R.

To get this fixed for good, you can raise the issue here:

… or simply apply to be a translator and fix it. Thanks

Yes you can access the french translation :slight_smile:
In the screen, the button at the top is quite strange : an arrow up and down, first I was thinking this was for sorting the line below :wink: