SuiteCRM 8.3 Released!

SuiteCRM 8.3 is now available to download

This release contains a number of new and improved features, including Notifications, Load-More Scrolling, Subpanel Filtering and Hidden Column Display, as well as a new look Administration Panel.

We have also included a number of bug and styling fixes, as well as Security fixes.

To find out more about the above features and all fixes within this release, please check out the following Release Notes


Quite excellent. I have done a quick install on a Linode ubuntu 20.04 test server, php 7.4, mariadb with the suitecrm v8.3 and everything works well using test data and so far the admin panels are great and email is working etc. Thank you for this really terrific update.

I have a script that I used for anyone who is having trouble with exact instructions. The linode is only $5 per month so if you want to test, really cheap way to test and play and if you make a mistake just rebuild in 30 seconds and re-do the script. I will clean it up, test it again and post.

My challenge is getting phpmyadmin working to restore my previous DB, minor issue. Iā€™m really very thankful for this version. A+ work.

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