SuiteCRM 8.3 Contact Import failure

I have a clean install of 8.3 running on a cloud server. All is running fine, and I’m in the middle of configuration. I imported accounts with no issue, but when I come to import contacts, the system just hangs. no error message - it just stops. I’m using the right import template, and spent time manipulating data to fit the template columns correctly. I did have to work on phone numbers as some of them were in different formats. I’m wondering if that could be the issue? I would hope that SuiteCRM would be smart enough by now to cope with some format inconsistencies, especially with phone numbers. And if it isn’t - I’d really have hoped that it would have better error messaging than to just hang up.

Anyone out there have this issue? Any help greatly appreciated.



Have a look at what is in your two logs at the time when it hangs.

If it is a PHP crash (memory limits, or some other FATAL) SuiteCRM doesn’t get any chance to give you an error message.

Thank you for this. Looks like I solved it. One of the phone numbers was incomplete, so I removed it and the upload progressed without problems. Again though - I’m amazed that such a sophisticated software system would hang at such a simple error. Oh well - onwards!

Are you using cpanel? I have the same issue. None of my modules are importing. Even when I remove other fields and remain with first name and last name on the leads module.