SuiteCRM 8.2 - Unable to access Admin > Inbound Emails

When I go to the Admin page and press “Inbound Email” it shows an error

Error occurred while fetching metadata

See screenshot below:

It’s not a new setup, I’ve recently upgraded from SuiteCRM 8.0 to 8.2, but frankly I didn’t notice at what point it stopped working, possibly right after the upgrade.

I’ve tried clearing browser cache, CRM’s cache (with Repair&Rebuild) as well as running bin/console cache:clear command but nothing has helped so far.

The only clue I got is from the Developer Console:

node_modules_angular_core_fesm2015_core_js-es2015.e67882692b6d3d658f6b.js:1 ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'moduleMetadata')
TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'moduleMetadata')
    at o.project (dist_core___ivy_ngcc___fesm2015_core_js-_0b011-es2015.fd50b96e09ceb0455956.js:32:25095)
    at o._next (node_modules_rxjs__esm2015_operators_index_js-es2015.8f2820c8ba6a75453b5e.js:1:24803)
    at (node_modules_rxjs__esm2015_operators_index_js-es2015.8f2820c8ba6a75453b5e.js:1:8495)
    at node_modules_apollo-angular_fesm2015_ngApollo_js-_0ddc0-es2015.31fc3a06fac668918939.js:1:76264
    at u.invoke (polyfills-es2015.d4ae2da7fc0ec37e403c.js:1:7152)
    at Object.onInvoke (node_modules_angular_core_fesm2015_core_js-es2015.e67882692b6d3d658f6b.js:1:198185)
    at u.invoke (polyfills-es2015.d4ae2da7fc0ec37e403c.js:1:7092)
    at (polyfills-es2015.d4ae2da7fc0ec37e403c.js:1:2551)
    at polyfills-es2015.d4ae2da7fc0ec37e403c.js:1:17235
    at u.invokeTask (polyfills-es2015.d4ae2da7fc0ec37e403c.js:1:7770)
    at w (polyfills-es2015.d4ae2da7fc0ec37e403c.js:1:16429)
    at w (polyfills-es2015.d4ae2da7fc0ec37e403c.js:1:15965)
    at polyfills-es2015.d4ae2da7fc0ec37e403c.js:1:17272
    at u.invokeTask (polyfills-es2015.d4ae2da7fc0ec37e403c.js:1:7770)
    at Object.onInvokeTask (node_modules_angular_core_fesm2015_core_js-es2015.e67882692b6d3d658f6b.js:1:198001)
    at u.invokeTask (polyfills-es2015.d4ae2da7fc0ec37e403c.js:1:7691)
    at t.runTask (polyfills-es2015.d4ae2da7fc0ec37e403c.js:1:3166)
    at b (polyfills-es2015.d4ae2da7fc0ec37e403c.js:1:9764)
    at l.invokeTask [as invoke] (polyfills-es2015.d4ae2da7fc0ec37e403c.js:1:8849)
    at m (polyfills-es2015.d4ae2da7fc0ec37e403c.js:1:20635)

Any tips how I can troubleshoot this further?

My setup:
PHP version: 7.4
yarn: 1.22.19
Angular: 12.1.0
Node: 14.21.3

There’ an error in the PHP. There are two spaces at the beginning of the file that’s causing this.

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Indeed! Thanks so much, removing those extra spaces have resolved the issue :+1:

Thank @pgr for that one. He found it!

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Actually it wasn’t me