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SuiteCRM 8.1 on FreeBSD: Installer locked

Hi, after trying to install SuiteCRM 8.1 on a FreeBSD Jail using the web installer I gave a try to the console installer.

So far I’m stuck at “Installer locked”;

SuiteCRM Silent Install

Running: check-install-lock
07:04:12 INFO      [install] Running step: check-install-lock
07:04:12 INFO      [install] step: check-install-lock | status: failed
07:04:12 INFO      [install] step: check-install-lock | messages:
07:04:12 INFO      [install] Installer locked. Stopping install process
07:04:12 INFO      [install] step: check-install-lock | debug: no debug info
step: check-install-lock | status: failed
Installer locked. Stopping install process


How can I remove the locked state?.

After fixing the previous error I stumbled upon this:

  Error occurred but the system doesn't have logger. Error message: "Cannot create directory cache/images cannot be touched"

Ok, the only error left is this:

ZLIB Compression Module | error | ZLib support not found: SuiteCRM reaps enormous performance benefits with zlib compression.

I have php80-zlib and php80-zip modules already installed. Any hint?.

Ps. to fix the previous error messages I had to chown o+w and o+x some specific directories and files under public/legacy.