SuiteCRM 8.1, language selection is not working

I recently installed SuiteCRM version 8.1, and I installed the es_MX language pack.

On the login screen, I see two options: English and Spanish, if I select Spanish and log in, the interface still shows all the labels in English.

I can’t find any error in any of our logs.

Hey @rpichard I’ve tried this myself and can confirm that what you’re seeing is an issue.

However there is a current workaround (for those on a single language pack).

Navigate to Admin > Locale (System :: SuiteCRM Documentation) > Default Language. If you select your es_MX, log out and log back in again (perhaps refresh your browser first) that should update the system to use the language pack.

(I tested it on es_ES and es_MX)

Though that does mean users selecting languages other than the default (selected in locale) are ignored.

Are you able to create a bug report on the repo here (GitHub - salesagility/SuiteCRM-Core: SuiteCRM - Open source CRM for the world) so we can track it :smiley: Would be much appreciated :+1:

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Thanks, I will create the bug report

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I have the same problem with the Italian language.
Where did you open the bug on Git-Hub, would you write me the link?

Sure: Github issue #57

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Totally worked for my thanks.