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SuiteCRM 8.0.1 installation worst experience ever

I hope the developers of CRM 8 understand that their product doesn’t work out of the box?

The installation doesn’t work smoothly!
There’s no root password for MySQL, but validation requires it. WTF?
Then you get 500 errors on all pages.
Then a bunch of other errors like:
“Error occurred while fetching metadata”
Then you can not logout and login again, coz you get:
“You have been logged out because your session has expired.”

Guys, you really should pay attention to the product you are making and test it carefully so that people can get results without too much hassle and jumping around configs.

It’s not usable since it’s impossible to install it just with a couple of clicks like it used to be with v7.
What a shame.

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Sorry you’re having a bad experience in installing SuiteCRM 8. Let’s see if we can at least ease some of the pain points.

Regards to the root password we (and the MySQL installation itself) highly recommend it being required. We want our members to be safe so enforcing minimum security processes is a price to pay especially when the application will be storing sensitive data. If other members are wishing this to be changed then we are open to the suggestion.

500 errors on all pages? That definitely sounds like there was a fundamental issue with setup , did you resolve these (as it seems you were able to get the login page)? What was the underlying cause?

There is always a learning curve when moving onto a new technology and hands up there is a lot of areas of improvement especially in installation. The Installation wizard is one of them we are currently reviewing so we take your frustration on board. If you can give more detail on the the issues you experienced, how you progressed them (if you did) we’ll include your pathway to the already test suite we have in place to ensure we make it as easy as possible for users. SuiteCRM has million+ downloads so there will be some use cases that need a little more investigation especially when setting up for the first time.

@netcyberg the problems you describe are quite typical of when the installation steps listed in the Documentation were skipped, or executed incorrectly. I’ve seen it thousands of times (literally).

Installing SuiteCRM requires setting up a stack, getting the web server configuration right, a permissions scheme. None of these things are easy to explain in Documentation when SuiteCRM allows so many different options. That’s life. You just need to work through the issues, if they’re worth your trouble, or move on to something else, if they’re not.