SuiteCRM 8.0.1 - blank setup wizard & CLI install error

I am trying to install SuiteCRM 8.0.1 on a fresh LAMP server running Ubuntu 20.04, Apache, PHP 7.4, MySQL 8. SuiteCRM is mean to run off a subdomain (, virtual host files have been se up accordingly and point to the /var/www/html/crm/public folder as per instruction.

when navigating to I am greeted with a blank screen. No error messages, nothing in the console.


  • virtual host is set up as per example, mod_rewrite is on

  • when trying to install SuiteCRM via CLI, I get the following error via the install.log error log




  • I checked and of course have the latest version of cURL installed, so technically this error should not appear

  • folder permissions are correct, chown is correct, files are executable

  • I cloned the instance, wiped the crm folder, installed SuiteCRM 7.12.2 (which is what I am using on another suite) and the setup wizard appears just fine. I completed the setup and did not encounter any issue with cURL either, everything works as it should.

I noticed that the official release notes do reference a white screen issue, so just wondering if this is whats happening to me and whether there has been any progress on fixing this bug?


Hi @patrickmau,

Sorry for the delay in replying. And thank you for the feedback.

When you referred that you had curl installed, is that the curl on the system or were you referring to the php-curl?

You can ignore warnings by adding -W "true" when running the command.

I am running Ubuntu and have php-curl installed just like any other package, not sure if there even is any other curl to be honest.

The issue is not curl, its rather that I am getting a blank screen when trying to launch the setup. Everything works fine for SuiteCRM 7 on the same server, but with v8 I am not even able to install.

Appreciate any help on this as I would love to take v8 for spin.


Hi @patrickmau,

Thank you for the feedback.

Many users are having similar troubles. Sometimes is due to just slight misconfiguration. We are planning on adding more checks and some alternatives to make it easier to install.

How does you vhost configuration look like? Have you added the following?

    DocumentRoot /<path-to-suite>/public
    <Directory /<path-to-suite>/public>
        AllowOverride All
        Order Allow,Deny
        Allow from All