SuiteCRM 7.x vs 8.x

Hi all,

I’m wondering how many of you have upgraded your productions environment to 8.x? If i got it right, the 8.x is still a bit work in progress, and not everything is working as in the 7.x. I have tested briefly the 8.x version, and it looks and feels good, so SalesAgility has done a tremendous job with the 8.x.

“I have tested” is the key statement there.

It really depends on which parts of the CRM you use, the status of those features in v8.

I just don’t advise anyone to move to v8 without a thorough evaluation of the functionality you use. Other than that, it’s a good product and it will be a lot better when it’s more polished and finished than it is at the moment.


I’m wondering the same thing. I have been waiting till I hear that SuiteCRM 8 is either more stable or at least has all the feature polish/parity of suite 7x.

Does anyone have a feel for that timeline as to when that may be?


There is some information here: