SuiteCRM 7 to 8 - Custom folder

Hey guys,

so I was thinking I would ask here. I used to have a bunch of custom php scripts in a folder called custom. Some static pages with basic PHP functionality etc…

Now I am on SuiteCRM 8.1, its fantastic but there is no Custom folder. Whats the best way to work with custom stuff like that?

Please let me know. Thank you!

EDIT: I simply need to be able to create a PHP file that displays SuiteCRM header and its only available to a logged in user…

The old custom folder is still there, but under public/legacy/custom

For graphical purposes, it will only affect modules running on legacy views

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pgr you are the best (as always). Thanks a lot! I was going through the docs but most of what I am interested in is in front-end-architecture - and its all under construction :smiley: like creating a custom view… But I guess I am fine for now with legacy custom folder.

Thank you!

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