Suitecrm 7 old custom backup to suitecrm 8

Hello all,

I finalized the installation of a fresh suitecrm 8 and everything is working.

Before that I made a backup of database and files of a suitecrm 7.11 instance. On this suutecrm 7 instance I made some customization, added new fields and change to fit my needs.

What is the best strategy to reinstall this backup in suitecrm8?

My server run ubuntu 20.04, php8, mariadb, apache.

Please read here:

Thank you for the reply,

Actually, I dumped all the suitecrm8 database in phpmyadmin and import my suitecrm7 one. It seems everything is working.

I don’t know if this process can be considered as a “solution” but it worked in my case.


Excellent!!! Did you a Quick Repair and Rebuild after importing your DB?

I remember I did one Rebuild/Repair at some point. I don’t remember when, sorry.

That’s cool, so if the DB from 7 works as the DB in 8 that makes upgrading so much easier. I was thinking I had to export all the records of each module and re-import, then re-create all the workflows, and reports, etc.

If the DB can be used… here would be my plan…

Migrating/Upgrading to SuiteCRM 8

Take an inventory

  • All custom modules
  • All workflows
  • All Customized Modules
  • All Modules Used

Moving Over Customizations

  • Export any custom modules from SuiteCRM 7 First from Module Builder.
  • Export Any field customizations by going to Studio… Export Customizations. Export all
  • Import in SuiteCRM 8 through module installer the custom modules FIRST
  • Import in SuiteCRM 8 through module install the customizations SECOND
  • Change the DB used by 8 to a copy of 7 DB. This is done by adding a new DB in PHPMyAdmin and then importing the 7 DB. Then simply change the DB name and credentials in the config file of SuiteCRM 8
  • If all is good at this point an you can login, do a quick repair and rebuild.
  • Copy all files in the upload folder from 7 to 8

Other Setup Items

  • Maps Address cache will have to be rebuilt in SuiteCRM 8
  • Inbound/Outbound emails will have to be set up
  • User’s email accounts (maybe) will have to be re-set up
  • Google Calendar Sync will have to be re-authorized and setup

Does this make sense? Does anyone else have anything else I haven’t thought of? If so please add and I’ll see if I can put together some kind of migration guide for the Community.

I’d say that “the DB from v7 works in v8” is pretty much a case of “jumping into conclusions”

The upgrade process is coming up in 8.2, the next minor version. I’d recommend to just wait for it. The very fact that the process is taking time to develop is a sign that there are more things to be considered (which doesn’t surprise me).