SuiteCRM 7.9.6 - How to activate Find Duplicates and Merge function on Targets

In the Targets table I cannot find the “Find Duplicates” (in detailed View) and the Merge option (in Mass Update menu).

Those options are available for the Leads and Contacts tables, but not for the Targets table.

How can I enable those functions for the target table? I tried to find an answer on Google, but with no luck.

Thanks in advance, best regards.

You’re right, those options are missing.

I don’t know how to turn them on.

But you might like this strategy to work around this limitation:

I’m not sure you can apply that to your case. Basically if you can work with testing for duplicates when importing, you have a chance to do it.

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I’ve seen that solution, useful to find duplicates across different modules, but unfortunately not applicable to find and merge duplicates in the same table.

My Targets table contains nearly 10k records, with possibly many duplicates. At this point I think the quickest way to get rid of them is to write some SQL code to find the duplicates and then merging them manually.

How does it look? Any suggestion or better idea to proceed? Thanks!

Would one of these work for you?

Another thing: are you using the Leads module for anything? You could import your Targets as Leads and de-duplicate there.