SuiteCRM 7.9.15 upgrade wizard fails to Upload Upgrade Package to 7.10.20

SuiteCRM 7.9.15 upgrade wizard fails to Upload Upgrade Package to 7.10.20 with the error:

The file size __ Bytes, is greater than what is allowed by the upload_max_filesize and/or the post_max_size settings in php.ini…

I am able to upload the same file to the server using a custom php script and html file. Even the Documents module is able to upload the file to the SuitCRM installation.

Kindly help with a workaround if possible.

OS: Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS
MySQL Server version 5.7.27-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 (Ubuntu)
Web Server: Apache/2.4.41 (Ubuntu)
PHP Version

post_max_size 60M
memory_limit 512M
max_file_uploads 20
upload_max_filesize 60

Check if the Right PHP.INI has been fetched for use with the CRM, you can print out the phpinfo() to check the values applied. If you see a smaller value, increase your values to higher figures.

post_max_size 120M
upload_max_filesize 120M
max_execution_time = 180

Thanks for the feedback. I have confirmed that the values from phpinfo() are as I set them.
I am able to upload the file via a plain php script on a form.

You might have left-overs from a previously failed upgrade.

Please try renaming the upload/upgrades directory to something else and starting again.

(later, if everything goes well, you can delete the old directory)

I have renamed the upload/upgrades directory but the error still pops up.

@pgr, is there a work-around for upgrades?

I still think there’s something wrong with the way your php.ini is making its values effective… that error is very specific, and it’s coming from a PHP limitation…

But maybe as a workaround you can try upgrading in two steps - first to 7.10.5 for example and then the rest of the way.

I’m having this same issue on both my production and my dev.

My dev is on a newer version (7.10.19 vs 7.10.17) but because I recently got an add on from the store, I wanted to upgrade my dev to 20 first so that way I can make sure I don’t have any unintended func issues. I was obviously able to get my dev to 18 and then to 19 over the last month or so, but this zip won’t work on either or. I even rolled back my dev to the moment before I upgraded to 19, which would mean at that point I was definitely having no upgrade issues. Still couldn’t upload.

Also tried zipping and unzipping, redoing my permissions also had no effect.

The code looks like it throws that error, regardless of any size issues - if the ulpload fails (for any reason) the message assumes it’s the max_upload_size…

Try looking for any Javscript errors in your browser’s developer console. And also any network errors form the server on the network tab of console.

Ok apparently it has been a long week and I’m dumb because I was trying to upgrade using the regular installation package, and not the upgrade package :silly: . Everything is working as it should be on my system thanks for the assistance.

The are no JavaScript errors in the console.

As a further troubleshooting, I installed a fresh instance of SuiteCRM 7.9.15 on the same test server (cloned copy of production server) and it was able to upload without a hitch.

My production version has been customized over the last four years. I will try to compare the files (fresh install and my installation) and hopefully find out what is different.

For now I will stick with version 7.9.15 which seems to run pretty well.