SuiteCRM 7.9.14: New Case notification is showning "[CASE: ]  " in subject

Hello everybody,

I have not been able to find a solution fpr the problem that since the updatee from 7.9.4 to 7.9.14 the new case notification emails do not show variabla data. The subject of the mail is only "[CASE: ]  ". The Case Nr. in the body is missing. The errorlog shows a lot of “Unable to find relationship emails_email_templates” error during processing.

Any idea what is going wrong here?

Thank you and best greetnigs



when you edit the template, how exactly are your variables called?

Check if they match these

I’m wondering if you made any customizations to the Cases module before?

thanks for the feedback. The email template (under AOP) is using [CASE:$acase_case_number] $acase_name for filling the case number and the subject.

They do not match the variables in the code.

I have done customizations only via Studio and the email notifications worked fine until the update.

Thank you for your support.


Can you tell me the exact file path of the template you’re looking at? I’d like to check how it is in the main repository.

And have you tried using the other variable names? Does it fix your issue?



thank you for the support. We decided to flee to front by updating the system to 7.10. After this update, the notifications work fine again. The only thing left is the error message “[ERROR] Unable to find relationship emails_email_templates” in the SuiteCRM.log.

How can get the exact path of the email template? We are doing all chages through the web interface.



The email templates are not in files, they are in the database (except the assignment notifications, and the meeting notifications).