suiteCRM 7.9.0 - some questions and suggestions

Hello suiteCRM Team.

Tested a lot of tools, the suiteCRM ist one of the best of all.

Your update is fantastic, thank you for this. I tried it yesterday, have some questions and possible suggestions:

  1. Dont find the reply/reply all button in the new E-Mail Modul :frowning: Tried a lot of things but its not possible to answer … maybe I am blind?

  2. Some mails dont show their content although all email-settings was done by checking secure HTML-Codes

  3. Cant switch to mozaic-Editor, its always the tinyMCE - its fantastic that there is a new one :slight_smile:

  4. Why the new tinyMCE is not updated and supported in the other tools ?

  5. It would be “big stuff”, if there is a possibility to setup the tinyMCE in other textboxes without hardcoding.

except of all this, the update from the suiteP theme works like a charm :slight_smile:

We are falling in love with the suiteCRM, it was a reason to cancel all MS-Exchange-Outlook stuff in 2016! :slight_smile:
So we are very interested to support this work to connect all the ideas, developing indepence and freedom :slight_smile:

Cheers from munich;