SuiteCRM 7.9.0 Released

SuiteCRM 7.9.0 is now available to download.

[size=4]New Email Client [/size]

• New design for SuiteP - see our screenshots
• Use the new Filters to search for Imported and non Imported Emails
• Compose directly via Email’s list view with responsive popup window
• Improved HTML support
• Attach multiple files to Emails via browse button
• Extendible by Developers - a new compose view, support upgrade safe customisations, new message box plugin for creating modal dialogs in SuiteCRM and more
• The Email List View displays the emails from the IMAP server without importing
• Improved performance of importing Emails
• Maintaining standard functionality – related records to emails, individually importing emails, and more

[size=4]Email Template Enhancements [/size]

• Ability to choose between three available Editors - Raw HTML, Tiny MCE and Mozaik
• Ability to set the width of the Content container - only available on Mozaik editor
Other Enhancements [/size]

• Improved Project Module
• Improve View Summary design - including the ability to filter
• Community enhancements
• Deprecation of Suite7 and SuiteR - don’t worry, we have announced LTS for 7.8.x

Download here from the SuiteCRM GitHub Repository or visit the official website to find the appropriate upgrade.

Please read additional steps when upgrading this version. We have made sufficient changes to the Email Client and it requires perhaps re-syncing of your existing IMAP accounts.
View Upgrade Steps for 7.9.0

View Release Notes for 7.9.0

Thank you to all community members who logged bugs and contributed to this release (though not noted in the release notes).

All input is welcome.

The SuiteCRM Team.