SuiteCRM 7.8.x fix for Mozaik email template and campaign email editor

I am running SuiteCRM 7.8.31 on Linux and cannot upgrade to a later version. The Mozaik editor used for email templates and campaign emails has by many been judged unsuitable to creating the types of emails above (including myself).

After reading up on various workarounds, each with its own shortcoming (eg pasting HTLM into the database directly, applying a patch that was developed for another version of the crm etc), it seems that a workaround developed by SuiteCRM might be the most promising although I have not found any feedback on it.

The workaround seems to involve replacing jquery.mozaik.js with jquery.gozaik.js as described in Access to core HTML for Emailtemplate existing and new · Issue #2266 · salesagility/SuiteCRM · GitHub and Fix II.: EmailTemplates changes (issue #2266) Mozaik issues by gody01 · Pull Request #3092 · salesagility/SuiteCRM · GitHub.

Has anyone done this and confirm that it works (or not)? Upgrading SuiteCRM is, as mentioned above, not an option.


I can confirm that the this fix seems to work on 7.8.31 when /creating/ a new email template but unfortunately not when /editing/ an old template, or for that matter, one just created after the fix was installed.

Does anyone have any different experience?

I stand corrected. Upon reviewing my edits, I found I had made a very small mistake and once it had been corrected, the fix seems to work when /editing/ previously created email templates as well.

Will do more testing but it looks good right now.

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