SuiteCRM 7.7RC Feedback

Hi guys,

I have been following this product for some time now, just looking for the right time to pitch this to the company I work for. Eventually, if I can get the pitch over the line, our company will be approaching Sales Agility for custom module creation, workflow design, and maintenance (Upgrades and support for instance hosted on our server). Thats the plan anyway, but now I am just testing and hoping I can contribute something back to the community.

Now is almost the time!!! RC looks and feels fantastic. Well done Devs and all contributers. The new Theme is a breath of fresh air, and he system appears to be stable on the much faster PHP 7.

Now for a little contribution of my own.

I have noticed a few things that may be bugs.

  1. As administrator, when I go to Admin and then Role Management, select a role, there appears to be a button issue. The Edit button should have a dropdown with options to Duplicate or Delete. This is missing. But when I click on the bright Edit button (missing the dropdown) then save the role straight away, my dropdown re-appears. Strange.

  2. This one appears to be system wide and may just be a setting I do not know about. When searching for something, Products for example, I have to put in the first characters to get the search results. For example, when I am Searching for ‘HP Switch’, I have to enter ‘HP’ or nothing is found. I would expect that if I entered any part of the name such as ‘switch’, I would be shown products with ‘switch’ in any part of their name.

  3. Feature Request: As a standard, a Product Category filter dropdown would be good for searching items, especially if point 2 was fixed. Maybe only end of line (Child) product groups, or could be an option for end of line or parent and child. Even better, 2 layers. Filter 1 and Filter 2. When filter 1 is selected, you can search from here or go to Filter 2 which is filtered based on Filter 1.

A few details of my rig just in case my setup is causing some of these issues.

Running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with PHP 7.0.8. Instance running is an upgrade of RC from Beta 2. Accessing the CRM via the latest version of Chrome on a Mac.

Keep up the great work guys. I will keep trying to assist the devs the only way I know how, playing and looking for bugs.


Thank you for the feedback, this has been passed onto the dev team.



Thanks for your response Will.

I have been thinking a little more about filters for Products. I believe all major tables should have at least 3 filters. With product categories, SuiteCRM already has a checkbox for parent items. That would be filter 1. Filter 2 would be product categories related to parent group. Filter 3 would be part of th product name.

This same rule should also apply system wide across all searches. 3 layers of drilling down to the information in all searches. Not only would this make it easier to find what is needed, but it would also likely reduce duplicates.

Anyway, I hope these minor contributions help the dev team.


Another bug for you to forward on Will. I hope it easier for you if I just keep adding to this one discussion.

I basically just wanted to try a simple workaround for filtering Products based on Product Categories. Not perfect as I will see parent and Child categories but still makes it considerably easier to go through a thousand products. So into Studio I went. I added the Search box. See attached. There is no way to fix the format issue without coding, which really defeats the purpose of the Studio in the first place.


Some more info regarding previous posts.

I installed the latest stable version for testing and found all issues previously mentioned also exist in the stable version, even the icon issue.

Also, for testing I downgraded to PHP 5.6. No change whatsoever.


One last thing and I promise to hold future comments until the next version release.

See attached images. The new theme is slightly strange. The search fields are to be expected. Lighter text box than the background. But the data entry fields are darker than their background.

I think from most mainstream software, overtime we have expected any data entry field to be lighter than its background and only fields that cannot be edited for whatever reason would be darker.

Good luck with the next release guys.