SuiteCRM 7.6 Beta 2

SuiteCRM 7.6 Beta 2, the latest cutting edge and unstable release is now available to download

This Release should Not be used in a Production Environment

This release gives you the chance to try out new features coming in 7.6 including the major enhancements to campaigns, full PHP 7 support and more

It also give you the opportunity to contribute to the project by providing feedback, finding/fixing bugs or to contribute to the development of SuiteCRM 7.6.

Click here to download and find out more (upgrade packs also available)

Thanks to everyone who contributed so far.

All input is Welcome.

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Will this version still be compatible with PHP 5.3?

PHP 5.3 is no longer supported, in all likelihood it will work mostly with 5.3 if you really want it to, but it is not recommended and there will likely be some incompatibilities.

you can view the what is supported in the current releases here


I’m having problems after upgrading to 7.5.3 from 7.4.something.

I’ll start a separate topic for this problem, but my question here is just whether my problem is a known problem and fixed in this beta, or whether I should start reporting it from scratch.

I had a customization involving a new field in a Contact-to-contact relationship (the field is in the relationship, not in Contacts tables). This field was a multienum type, and I was showing it successfully in a custom subpanel. Now it always shows as blank.

I saw a lot of code changes in version 7.5 involving DynamicEnums being moved away from the custom directory. I wonder if DynamicEnums are the same thing as multienums, and this change might be causing problems…

After 5 hours of complex debugging I’m closer to the origin of my problem: the changes in data/SugarBean.php between version 5.1 and 5.2 are breaking (something) in multienum fields in relationships, maybe in other fields too.

Since this is more specific, and something that can be worked with, I’m filing the issue in GitHub (

But please let me know if it is already known and already fixed in the Beta.

After updating to 7.6 Beta 2, my exiting reports will not open. New reports can be started, but won’t save. Apache is showing an error:

[Tue Apr 19 12:15:44.632809 2016] [:error] [pid 11290] [client 10.X.X.X:64768] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method ViewDetail::ViewDetail() in /var/www/html/crm/modules/AOR_Reports/views/view.detail.php on line 30, referer: http://10.X.X.X/crm/index.php?module=AOR_Reports&action=index&parentTab=All

Update: Commenting line 30 fixes the crash, but there is another interesting issue. If you have a date field as a parameter, when the report finishes running, the date shown in the field is 1 day prior to the date you entered. For example, it you enter 2/1/2016 into the parameter, when the report completes it will show 1/31/2016.