SuiteCRM 7.5: problem with quick edit from detail/list view


Scenario: I’m inside detail mode of some object in CRM, for example it’s Firewall.

And I wan’t to edit some field from detail view, without entering in Edit mode:

And that works fine.

But than I want to change another field in the same object:

From here starts huge problems:
1)When you update the page both fields that I edit before lost all data, like there was nothing.
2)Sometimes after page update both fields keep there old data, like I didn’t changed nothing.

  • Why that’s happening?
  • How I can solve that?
  • How I can turn off “quick edit fields” feature, because it can cause harm to me?

this looks like a permission issue, try to set correct file permission and the run a quick repair & build, if you want to disable inline editing you have to go to Admin->System Configuration and you will see these two options:

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Thanks, I did what you told regarding permitions. That solved a problem.