SuiteCRM 7.5.0 Duplicate case update e-mails and e-mail templates

This is actually two separate issues.

First: When updating or creating a case, the person who the case is assigned to receives three e-mails.

  • Admin has assigned a Case to User
  • (this e-mail is sent twice) - casename (#caseno) update (where the user names are missing but the case name, number and date have been filled in)

Second: the original sender receives a reply with the pre-defined template. But none of the variables inside the e-mail have been replaced with values.

Status 	$acase_status
Case number 	$acase_case_number
Description 	$acase_description

We would not suggest testing until the version is at least at a beta release stage, although thank you for raising the issue.

Is this an issue in 7.1.5 or 7.2?



Hi Will,

I just get the same problem with variables not being replaced.
That’s with version 7.1.5.