SuiteCrm 7.4.1 Can't attach SuiteCrm Documents to Email


-> Go to email module
-> compose a email
-> click Attach
-> Select Document from SuiteCRM. (not local machine)
-> Blank Page

Is there another user have this issue ?


Appache LOG :
[Wed Nov 18 11:07:45 2015] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘modules/Documents/Popup_picker.php’

It’s seems 3 files :

Have deleted with upgrade.


thanks for highlighting this issue, an issue for this has already been logged (#679) and should be addressed in the next release

I realise I’m a little late to chime in, but I also have this problem and I’m running 7.4.0

Just an update - I’m still having this problem in 7.4.3.

Hi folks, I’m having this issue as well and I"m using:

Version 7.4.1

Sugar Version 6.5.20 (Build 1001)

blank page. screenshot attached to prove :wink:

I would absolutely love to see this working. Seems like a core feature.


I dont have this problem, can attach any document, also shipping.

That must have another cause, as a bug.

Now Prefer not to speculate about Permissions, but what then say the log files?

Hi Wieland and thanks for your response.
That’s weird… what you showed in your screenshot is exactly the behaviour i was expecting.

I thought maybe when i created the internal document that maybe I didn’t ‘share’ it correctly - which is similar to your suggestion about permissions. So I think it’s a permission problem.

Can you suggest how I might be able to
a) check permissions
b) create this log file to check?

update: i tried logging in as ‘super admin’ and sending email from there and it didn’t work either. So must be general website/server permission problem. Or I was looking at those ‘security groups’ which I have not set up . I wondered if maybe that was a problem…

Thanks so much!



Security Suite should not cause a problem because you try to chose and access your own assigned document. We do not use Security Suite also and have turned over roles for all users. The module is set to inactive.

Permissions is a hot topic …

If the permissions are not correct, then it may be that the Suitecrm.log have no entry. Check Apache error log, there you will find, if anything bothers.

We currently have no problems with the permissions described here:
Don`t forget config.php + utils.php + quickrepair after all.

If you on Windows, you need other permissions.

Our current PHP version is 5.5.9 - higher is not with us.

Check especially cache and upload folders.