SuiteCRM 7.3 Beta - Inline Editing not working

I have upgrade to 7.3 Beta - upgrade worked smoothly
So far all looks good, nothing is lost but I have noticed the following so far

Inline Editing not working - it was working fine in 7.2.3
config.php is still showing ‘inline_edit_detailview’ => true, ‘inline_edit_listview’ => true, fields in Studio are still enabled for Inline Editing but the editing icon is not showing up on any fields in detail or list view.

Would be great to know what the other changes were so that I could have a look.

I have just discovered that Inline Editing is working, but what has in fact happened is that all my icons for “Inline Editing” as well as “Dashlet” icons for settings and remove have becomes the same shade as teh background and can only be found by moving the cursor over the area.

Just went into Theme colour and changed colour of icons to 333333

Nice catch.

Actually, as I’ve been doing some testing on the Beta, I’ve ascertained that if you do a fresh 7.3 install the inline editing works out of the box.

if you upgrade 7.2.X to 7.3, this toggle may be needed to get inline editing working. In my case I googled a JS error with an innerHTML being undefined and eventually found this thread, your suggestion fixed it.

Might need patching before official 7.2.X to 7.3 is deployed.

Had you modified the colour for the icons? The icons should be set to the standard SuiteR blue and should not be the same colour as the background?