SuiteCRM 7.2 - Please clean up download pack

Please clena up the folder " __MACOSX" on the 7.2 zip download
it adds 12813 files (2MB real size or 50MB counted size to the pack!)

.DS_Store file should also be removed from the pack!

I think this is created by your MAC zip tool :frowning:

Same goes for the upgraded pack (1088 extra files)

3 more issues:

1- you should also remove this language files as they are just partial translations, not even language packs to be uninstalled. Some are under 100 files each others are under 20 files:


2- The almost full languages ( es_es and ru_ru) should have a different way to be released (not inside the full download but as official supported language packs)

3- And when you have time clean also the automatic created language files and cache folder!

What can we gain with this?

10.556 files (120 MB real disk size)
against the original 24.339 files (179MB real disk size)

Just think on the size and time added if you make a backup each day for a year!
I’m sure almost nobody will take the time to clean up teir download ZIP but there is no reason the ZIP its released this way for all!

One of the most annoying aspects of running an open source project is people who do little more than tell us what to do!!!

If it’s important, if it makes sense then DO IT YOURSELF!!! Don’t expect the project to do everything. We can’t.

And contribute the benefits back to the project.

Shouting from the sidelines is easy. Doing something about it is harder.

Are you going to shout or do?


Apple Mac?

Behave yourself!!

We’re an open source company. It’s Linux everywhere. From the mobile to the server and includes the desktops and laptops.

Mac indeed!!

I think you didn’t understand me.

  • As for my contributions you can take a look into the Transifex project.
    It took me several days to get all languages and set up things for all to work on an easy way.
    And I do that a lot for many other projects as you can look into may transifex profile.
    So I’m used to DO things for opensource projects!!

  • On the full languages packed with SuitCRM:
    My option is to remove them but not it is not the same option from the Devs on SuiteCRM.
    I have to respect that decision. On the oter side it is not a big problem as I can uninstall them

  • On the partial languages:
    The question is: why are that files there?

  • On the cache files and autocreateds files:
    If I proposed to remove them from github it will not be enough as they will be added again when main dev synch projects.
    So there should be an alternative way.
    I do not know how, but I can see the problem.
    So maybe you take your time and revise my remark on “what to do” and find a way to solve issues?

[quote=“salesagility” post=14833]

I’m sure you will find a better explanation but the files are there as you can see in the pic attached.

This is a quote:
The __MACOSX folder is created when a Mac user creates and archive (also called a zip file) using the Mac. If the Mac user sends the zip file to another Mac user, the folder will not appear - this is a hidden folder.
When the Mac user sends the zip file to a PC user, however, all of the hidden files are shown. PC users are often confused by these (seemingly superfluous) files and folders. You can use our Zip Files for the PC utility to create zip files that contain neither the __MACOSX folder, nor the .DS_store files! You can download the free trial version today (see the link on the left) or you can buy it now using PayPal.
What is the __MACOSX folder - and how do I keep the __MACOSX out of my Zip files? -

osx - What is __MACOSX folder? - Super User -
osx - Mac zip compress without __MACOSX folder? - Stack Overflow -

This is my contribution for the day.:
YemuZip is an easy-to-use application for making zip files. Just drag, drop, name your zip file and you’re done.
Mac OS X’s built-in compress function makes zip files that contains Mac specific information that, when extracted on a PC, looks like garbage. YemuZip lets you choose between a PC-friendly format and a Mac format that preserve all the Mac-specific metadata.
YemuZip - Free Zip Tool for Mac OS X -

And off I go to translate SuiteCRM.
Have a good working day!

I retract … but we still don’t use Macs. It must be legacy from those famous open source folk at SugarCRM.

So, can you remove it and create a new zip pack?
I can’t do nothing on that as files are not in the github but on your folder used to create the zip pack.
( I can send you my zip file but I also removed the extra languages!)