SuiteCRM 7.2.2: Workflow not triggering email 15 minutes after lead creation

My workflow conditions to trigger an email 15 minutes after a lead is created is as follows (but is not working):

Leads > Date Created > Less Than Or Equal To > Date > Now + 15 Minutes

This is not working, and it sending the email instantly, as opposed to 15 minutes later.


The logic of your condition is slightly off. “Now” refers to when the workflow runs so this will always be true (because date created will always be before now.

Try “Date created less than or equal to than Now - 15 minutes”.


Your recommendation is not working. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do?

My workflow is also set to modified records as well.

Have you set your crontab entry correctly? If youu haven’t none of your workflows will run.

If you haven’t done so go to Admin -> System -> Scheduler and copy the crontab entry at the bottom of the page.

Then either use the Unix shell or a tool like cPanel to add this job in your crontab table.

[quote=“unitedcoachways” post=20715]Your recommendation is not working. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do?


“Date created less than or equal to than Now - 15 minutes” will fire on all records created 15 minutes before the workflow runs. So for example if the workflow runs at 16:00 then it will fire on all records created before 15:45.

In that case the workflow will only run when the lead is edited.

Hope this helps,

That is still not working correctly,

The scheduler is working fine, the “3 day follow up work flow” is still sending out the email as soon as the lead is created (I know cause I have tested it myself),
I have a screen shot that shows right now we have it set to 3 mins just to test it, but instead of sending in 3 minutes it sends the INSTANT the lead is created EVERY time. no matter what we change it to. It is very odd, and I can’t figure out why it would do this. (see attached files 3 day follow up and lead times to see what I mean)


I have a dead lead converter that is set to change the status of a lead to dead if it is- less than or equal to the date of now . But this only works when it feels like it, I have multiple dead leads in the system, but it picks and chooses which ones it wants to convert. ( I have also tried setting this to run on “all records” as well - no luck)

I want a new lead created that I receive at 16:00 and to send an email at 16:15.

What is the workflow recipe for this?