SuiteCRM 7.2.1, No more file attachments possible under Accounts and Contacts


we use SuiteCRM 7.2.1. with the new responsive Theme.
Under Accounts and Contacts no more file attachments are possible from the local System. (Screenshot)
In the Email-Modul all is ok…

Please help…

i mean, when you try to send an email from contacts or accounts…

You are right. I just tried this myself and nothing happens when you click the “Add Files” button. There are no errors in the console either.

Also wanted to confirm that adding attachments from the email module works fine.

No one can help to solve the problem?

This is already a known bug.

Do you know what the fix is but simply haven’t released an updated version yet? If so, please post. Thanks.

Hi guys, any updates on this?

As Will said is an already known bug, is there a expected release time for a solution for this?



it is very important to solve this problem quickly…

thank you