SuiteCRM 7.14 Beta Release!

SuiteCRM 7.14 beta is now available to download.

This is a pre-release and is NOT recommended for Production release.

The focus for SuiteCRM 7.14 was to update support for PHP8.2, but we also felt it important to upgrade Smarty, the templating engine used in SuiteCRM, to V4.

For more information on this new and exciting pre-release, check out the pre-release page here

It’s important for us to give you, our community, the opportunity to participate and drive the project forward in a way that is meaningful to you. We are therefore asking that you help us make the 7.14 production release the best it can be, by sharing your feedback on this forum thread.

Will there be an upgrade package 7.14beta to 7.14GA ?

Hi @gunnicom, thank you for your question.

No, we won’t have an upgrade package from 7.14.0-beta to 7.14.

Will 7.14 still support PHP 7.4? thanks

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Hi, any news about this release ?

Hi @lazka

There will be no official support for PHP7.4, as end of life was issued for this in November 2022. SuiteCRM will still run using PHP7.4, but we would strongly recommend upgrading to PHP8.2.


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Hi @gary-houbre

We are in the final stages of testing the SuiteCRM 7.14 package and are aiming to release this before the end of this month.


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Hello @g.martin
The last update/upgrade to v.7.12.4., really messed up the email bulk import module. :scream_cat:

Has this been fixed/addressed in this coming version?

Screenshot of the issue on our test CRM system instance:

Kind regards

PS - I can see by the checkmark beside the one you’re trying to import. It as already been imported. Test with one that hasn’t already been imported.

I know, thanks. :smirk:
I’m just using that e-mail to trigger the error. It doesn’t really matter if the e-mail is imported or not.

The result is the same.

For anyone following the Import issue was resolved (kind of) in another thread. The issue is with PHP 8. Rolling back to 7.4 and the email import works as intended.

I tried to check the PHP errors coming up around this issue, but fixing the minor PHP warnings didn’t seem to help. I wasn’t able to find exactly why PHP 8 doesn’t like this functionality.