SuiteCRM 7.14 & 8.4 Released

SuiteCRM 7.14 & 8.4 are now available to download

For both of these releases we have updated support for PHP8.2 and upgraded Smarty, the templating engine used in SuiteCRM, to V4.

But that’s not all!! We have also included many UI and developer improvements into SuiteCRM 8.4 - Redesigned Nav Bar, Floating Save and Module Specific Dropdown functionality.

To find out more about the above features within these releases, please check out the following Release Notes:


Just wondering, will there be any more 7.12 releases?

Hi @lazka,

SuiteCRM 7.12 is currently only being supported for security fixes up until the end of this year. Therefore, any security issues that need to be resolved, will also be done in 7.12 and released as required.


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