SuiteCRM 7.14.2 - Basic search works differently (and slower) than Global Search in 7.11.x

Hey, planning to upgrade from 7.11 to 7.14.2. While testing I noticed that:

  • basic search doesn’t run full-text search on notes (only matches beginning)
  • basic search + advanced search returns absolutely no results
  • can’t use elasticsearch in my environment for reasons ™

Can basic search be configured to behave like Advanced Search in earlier versions?


Hey elipp, welcome to Community. I hope you find this solution helpful:

  1. Explore Advanced Search options within v7.14.2:
    While basic search may be limited, v7.14.2’s advanced search should still offer more comprehensive querying capabilities. Dive deeper into its filters, operators, and conditions to see if they can fulfill your search needs.
  2. Utilize SugarLive for enhanced search:
    If searching across diverse modules and fields is crucial, consider installing the SugarLive module. It offers a modern search interface with filters, facets, and other features that might closely resemble the previous advanced search.