SuiteCRM 7.13.0 Beta Release

SuiteCRM 7.13.0 beta is now available to download

The release has focused on the changes needed to implement a new solution due to the deprecation of Basic Authentication in Exchange online by Microsoft, as well as improving the current email configuration options.

For any feedback regarding this release, please feel free to comment below.

Please note, this is a pre-release and is NOT recommended for Production use. We will aim to have the Production release available later this week.

Check out the full details from our SuiteCRM 7.13.0 Beta release notes here

A bit over two weeks ago I have submitted a security report for a vulnerability identified in the latest stable release via your responsible disclosure program. Looking at the 7.13 beta, it still seems to exist.

I have also contacted support for an update on the matter at the start of this week.

If time permits, could you resolve the security issue for the new release?