SuiteCRM 7.12.9, 7.13.1 & 8.2.3 Release

SuiteCRM 7.13.1 and 8.2.3 are now available to download

Our latest maintenance release includes a number of security and bug fixes, including several navigation issues, which some users were experiencing.

To find out more about the latest fixes in more details, check out the following SuiteCRM release notes:

Thank you to all community members who contributed to this release!

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How to upgrade from 7.13.0 to 7.13.1 ??

It looks like that upgrading from 7.13.0 to 7.13.1 is now not possible because the zip file is missing a manifest.php file. SuiteCRM cannot proceed. This happened when I tried to use the standard “7.13.1” package from your “Upgrade SuiteCRM - SuiteCRM” site. Please fix it, thank you and have fun!

Hi @krzaychoos @tbm-emc2,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

The link to the 7.13.1 Upgrade from 7.13.x package was missing on the website, though it had already been added to the github release.

The package should now be available to download from Upgrade SuiteCRM - SuiteCRM

Once again thank you.

I confirm - it is :slight_smile: Thank you, great job!

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Good morning.
I just tried the 7.12.9 upgrade from 7.12.8 and it failed with the error:

The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of PHP:
PHP Version: 7.3.31-1~deb10u2

According to the Compatibility Matrix, 7.12 is supposed to be compatible with php7.3.

Should I report a bug or is there something that I should do on my end?
Thank you.

Hi @g.martin @nuke

I filled an issue at SuiteCRM-Core repository about v8.2.3 version regarding PHP 7.3.x compatibility.

I understand that we want to deprecate PHP 7.3.x, but as roadmap says it should be from SuiteCRM 7.13.x and SuiteCRM 8.3 versions so the community can be prepared.


Thank you @lukio !
If you need someone to test the patch for 7.12.x update, please let me know.

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Hello @g.martin, I just wanted to ask if my CRM version is 7.12.9 and I want to upgrade it to SuiteCRM 8, I wont get any issues since you didnt release an upgrade patch for 7.12.x to v8?

Hi! @clemente.raposo is requesting a for a second reviewer to check the pull requests. Could you do it? Thanks!

Captura de pantalla de 2023-02-04 07-17-04

Not all Github reviews are the same; at some point, only reviews from Clemente or Matt Lorimer will get your code into the product.

Some preliminary reviews can be done by anyone in the community.

Simply testing, adding information, commenting, saying that it works, is a nice contribution, it gives confidence to those who have to decide whether to merge, and shows community interest.

I am happy to test if there is a zip upgrade file to test. ?? How do I identify a new zip? Only by date or is there an index/build number or something?

Sorry, I don’t know how to use Git. So I can’t pull a change to test. Perhaps if someone were able to tell me how to do it or send a link to some documentation, I can learn it. :slight_smile:

After 7.13.1 is upgraded, product module cannot create products. After entering product information and saving, the page is as follows. How can I solve the problem?