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SuiteCRM-7.12.5 installation error

While installing SuiteCRM on my system, I am getting the errors and warnings in the SuiteCRM dashboard. Tried to remove this by just write error_reporting(0) in the index.php. It hidden the warnings but fatal error displayed in certain pages of the SuiteCRM dashboard. I have XAMPP Control Panel V3.3.0 with php 8.1.5 and phpMyAdmin 5.1.3. Can anyone suggest me What to do ? Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

It could be an issue with the PHP version. Here is the compatibility matrix for SuiteCRM.

Thank you for your quick response.
Actually I installed XAMPP Control Panel V3.3.0 with its default php 8.1.5 and phpMyAdmin 5.1.3 in my Windows 11 system. If this issue with the PHP version, should I reinstall the XAMPP server with the another version that providing the required PHP version? How can I handle this problem?
I am a begginner and I hope you can help me.