SuiteCRM 7.12.5 - Create Contract fm Quote - CANCEL button does not work

Hello There,

After choosing fm the Actions menu the option “Create Contract” from a Quote, you get the contract ready to be saved or cancelled. The issue is that if you press the “CANCEL” button you get redirected to the list of all contracts where among the others you find the “not saved” contract as if you saved it.

Before opening the topic I looked for a post about this problem, but no issue reported. Am I the first one to face it?

Does somebody know how to solve it?



Is there a reason why the title of this topic is grey and not black? Is there something wrong?


Nothing wrong. Topic titles are black when unread, grey after reading.

This is per-user - so one user might be seeing it black while the other isn’t.

Thanks for the explanation. Beside that, do not you have a solution for my issue?


Sorry, no… otherwise I would have replied earlier.

Thanks pgr.

To the Community:
Does somebody tried creating a contract from quote and not confirming it pressing the button “cancel”? What happen?

I am trying to understand if it is just my problem or if it is a bug in the crm.


Remember you have an online demo where you can test just this sort of thing

User: will
Pass: will

Thank for the tip pgr!

I tried and it happen the same also in the demo version.

Created a product → created a quote → opened the quote → created a contract fm quote → pressed the cancel button (tried pressing both top and bottom button) => the contract is created with the quote title (no matter if you change it before pressing the cancel button).

Would somebody else try and confirm?


If you say it happens, I believe you… I am afraid I just don’t have to time to check - in the sense of trying to figure out the underlying technical problem.

You can create a new Issue for this on Github, although I fear it won’t get solved any time soon. I hope this isn’t blocking you too much…

Try workarounds, sometimes you can create the records form some other screen and then create the relationships later, manually. Less convenient, I know, but it might solve your current roadblock.

Hi pgr,

Thanks for your suggestions. I understand you are busy, maybe some other expert may have a look at it. I would also create an issue on Github, but I do not know how to proceed with that platform.

Let me add that I tried (online demo) also the other two options (Create opportunity, Convert to Invoice) from quote and they behave exactly the same way.

I tried a workaround modifying the “createContract.php” (fm AOS_Quotes) commenting
the line “$contract->name = $quote->name;” so to avoid writing a mandatory field.
Although I get an error message if I try to “Save” without filling the contract title field,
when I click “Cancel” the contract is created without the title.

I noticed that contract/opportunity/invoice record appears on the respective records list immediately after I click the desired options.

I think it is kind of weird that this kind of problem is not taken seriously in consideration.

Thanks Mario

FYI: tried also on SuiteCRM 8 ( - same results.

Hello There,

Does anybody had the occasion to put his/her eyes on this?
I also opened an issue on Github in July, but until now nothing happaned.

This issue involves also the conversion from the quote to the invoice.

Any suggestion/tip to solve the issue?