SuiteCRM 7.12.11 & 7.13.3 Released!

SuiteCRM 7.12.11 and 7.13.3 are now available to download.

This release includes updates to Emails, Workflow Conditions and Module Menu Filters as well as security and bug fixes, and therefore we would recommend all SuiteCRM users to upgrade as soon as possible.

Thank you to our amazing community, who have contributed a total of 22 pull requests (PRs) which have been merged into this release.

For more information about the fixes in this release, please take a look at the SuiteCRM release notes:

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Hi @g.martin,
are there any new updates regarding the version 7.14?

Thanks for the release!

Started looking into it - now the API can be used with PHP 8, it is awesome :partying_face:


@g.martin please note that when trying to update from 7.12.10 to 7.12.11 there is an error

The zip file is missing a manifest.php file. Cannot proceed.

I will add a bug report

@nuke where are you getting the zip file from? From the downloads site, or from Github? They’re different.

Thanks @pgr . I’m a moron. I downloaded the wrong file. :poop:

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