SuiteCRM 7.11.7 + 7.10.19 Security & Maintenance Patch Now Available!

SuiteCRM 7.11.7 + 7.10.19 is now available to download.

This release includes a number of bug fixes, security patches and enhancements.

For a full list please View Release Notes for 7.11.7. Release Notes for 7.10.19

Thank you to all community members who logged bugs and contributed to this release.

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The SuiteCRM Team.


at Fresh Install, once I did a “Repair”, I found this

/ Table : users /
/*INDEX MISMATCH WITH DATABASE - idx_user_name -  ROW <name> idx_user_name <type> index <fields>[0] => 'user_name'  [1] => 'is_group'  [2] => 'status'  [3] => 'last_name'  [4] => 'first_name'  [5] => 'id'  */
/ VARDEF - idx_user_name -  ROW<name> idx_user_name <type> index <fields>[0] => 'user_name'  [1] => 'is_group'  [2] => 'status'  [3] => 'last_name (30)'  [4] => 'first_name (30)'  [5] => 'id'  /
ALTER TABLE users   DROP INDEX idx_user_name,  ADD INDEX idx_user_name (user_name,is_group,status,last_name (30),first_name (30),id);.


Hi Ashish,

that looks like an issue with the DB repair not handling the last_name (30) and first_name (30) properly. It shouldn’t cause any major issues as the limit will just stay at 255 instead of changing to 30. I would suggest raising this as a bug on GitHub. Thanks!


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I fix this without database alter…thanks

and what was your fix?

I made some length change to verdf file…and run repair… now there is no issue…
I am not a developer but i did for my job purpos only… i am not very sure to this…you tell me…


@jawedaan … if you make any changes which fix problems, PLEASE post/describe those changes on this forum! That is part of the purpose of having this forum. It helps others. Thanks!