SuiteCRM 7.11.3 + 7.10.15 + 7.8.28 Security & Maintenance Patch Now Available!

SuiteCRM 7.11.3 + 7.10.15 + 7.8.28 is now available to download.

This release includes a number of bug fixes, security patches and enhancements. For more detail please view the associated Blog post here.

For a full list please View Release Notes for 7.11.3. Release Notes for 7.10.15 and Release Notes for 7.8.28

Thank you to all community members who logged bugs and contributed to this release.

All input is welcome.

The SuiteCRM Team.

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I was very excited about this release, as I’ve been struggling with the PDF template that was not scroll-able…

Did the upgrade last night, it says version 7.11.3 but I see no changes at all :frowning:

Riv, sorry to hear about your problems.

Does an Issue on Github exist for that bug you’re describing? Which one is it?


Congratulations for the new release.

I installed suitecrm 7.11.3. I installed the Spanish language package. I created some custom modules which I can see in English language but not in Spanish language. I try to repair and rebuild, the aggregation to the menu filter, I make sure it is not in the disabled section, we correct the permissions but not show the custom modules when I login with the Spanish language.

Could someone suggest something?

Thank you

Can you try some other repairs from Admin / Repairs? Javascript languages, etc.

You also need to make sure that the Language pack is already updated for this specific SuiteCRM version.

Hello @pgr

Solved. Thanks for answering. Apparently it was a problem with the Spanish Spain language pack. I tried other packages and they worked normal. Today, I installed the new package and it works normally.

Thank you.