SuiteCRM 7.11.21 + 7.10.32 is Now Available (also)!

Definitely not trying to steal anyone’s thunder so before you download the latest SuiteCRM 7.11.x or 7.10.x
:confetti_ball:TRY OUT SUITE 8 BETA III :tada:
It was released yesterday and it’s a chance to provide feedback on our active development. Plus if you so desire a one-on-one session with myself!

After that, then please checkout the latest SuiteCRM releases :ok_hand:

SuiteCRM 7.11.21 + 7.10.32 is now available to download

This release includes a number of security fixes along side a number of key enhancements tocontact duplicate checking, importable projects and filtering of surveys as well as fixes to workflows, emails and email attachments.

Check out all the full details from our SuiteCRM 7.11.21 Release Notes here.

Check out the full details from our SuiteCRM 7.10.32 Release Notes here.

Thank you to all community members who logged bugs and contributed to this release! We were able to merge in 25 community PRs :muscle: