SuiteCRM 7.11.18 imap does not work

I just installed 7.11.18 and am having tremendous problem with accessing an external e-mail account hosted on that is using IMAP with SSL which is port 993. I have no problems accessing this existing e-mail account using Thunderbird or other e-mail programs but cannot get SuiteCRM to work. Thus the problem does not lie with the mail hosting company.

  • I can retrieve the folder structure and select folders when in the User Profile section.

  • When I click the test button it says the test is successful.

  • I can retrieve Sent e-mails when trying to retrieve e-mails. Although I can be wrong I believe this uses SMTP protocol and not IMAP.

  • However, I am unable to retrieve any existing e-mails in Inbox, Draft, Archive or whatever. I see the following error message in the log:
    ImapHandler trying to use a non valid resource stream.

What I am doing wrong? Are there IMAP/SSL e-mail issues with 7.11.18? Since this is one of the key features of any CRM, is there another version of SuiteCRM where this works properly?

Hey there,

Hmmm, it does sound as though all the connection information is correct

Are you able to create Inbound Mailboxes via the Admin->Inbound Email section?
If so, do these pull Emails into the CRM’s Email Module?

If they do not pull Emails in, the next thing I would recommend checking is that the Crontab is set up, and is successfully running

(You can see the crontab information at the bottom of the Admin->Schedulers panel)

As well as ensuring that the “Check Inbound Mailboxes” scheduled job is running without issues
(Found in Admin->Schedulers)

If the"Last Successful Run" value is not updating
Or if the “Job Log” is not updating with “Done” records

Then there may be issues with Cron or the Job Itself.

It might also be worth double checking that your environment is suitable, against the Compatiblity Matrix
(Specifically PHP version, as higher/lower versions than the recommended can cause issues)

Hopefully anything above helps, let us know if you need any assistance! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestions above. I am back trying to get this to work. I do not believe I mentioned it but I am experimenting with this in a docker container.

Following up on your suggestions:

  • I found two items Check Inbound Mailboxes in Admin->Scheduler. One was inactive and I activated it. It says it is running but it does not seem to complete. The other one says it was not found.
  • Crontab is set up and running.
  • Where do I find the Job Log you mention?


Strange, there should only be one “Check Inbound Mailboxes” job in Admin->Schedulers
With the Job of “function::pollMonitoredInboxesAOP”
(This one:)

However, I’m not sure what you mean by “not found”, is this an error message that pops up?
Or is this a value on the 2nd “Check Inbound Mailboxes” job?

Also, could you clarify what you mean with the Active job “not completing”?
Do you mean that the “Last Successful Run” value is not updating?
Or is this something else?

The “Job Log” is found if you click into the “Check Inbound Mailboxes” job itself, at the bottom of the screen
(As a subpanel)

If cron is running fine for the CRM, and the “Check Inbound Mailboxes” job is Active & has the correct “Job” value, then this subpanel should populate with an item each time the “Check Inbound Mailboxes” job runs