Suitecrm 7.11.0 Cant set or change any password

We have a new install , ubuntu 16.04, php5.6 , MariaDB

All seems to work

We have uploaded data, changed fields etc.

But If I try and set the admin password to anything , I get no error, it seems to succed, but when I return , I have to use the old password to make it work

Add a new user - seems to be the same - you can add the user, but not set the password or change it.

Table user_password_link is empty ? dont know if that means anything.

Looked for an error somewhere - but cant see one…

Apologises if Ive missed a message somewhere, but cant see it on the forum.

Any clues or guidance on where or how to enable some more detailed loggin would be greatful.

many Thanks

Is this the problem you’re getting?

If so, please try the fix proposed there.

If not, please check BOTH your logs for any messages at the time of the password change attempt.